Within the framework of climate change adaptation strategies, you need meteorological data from climate projections?

  • You know which climate projection data you would like to use, but not how the analysis can be done technically.
  • You want to work with a subset (spatially or temporally) from climate projection data, but you cannot subset and/or process the required data yourself.
  • You want to analyze climate projection data according to different aspects, but you lack the technical possibilities.
  • For the determination of climate impacts you need specially processed time series of different meteorological variables, but you are not familiar with the methodology.

We provide technical support for all the mentioned above or other challenges involving the use of climate projection data. Building on more than 30 years of experience in using various meteorological data sources and formats, we draw on our expertise in handling data from global and regional climate projections as well as on our own developed methods and software modules to optimally support you in your tasks.

The technical services for climate projection data include:

  • Support with data download
  • Processing of data with regards to:
    • Spatial assignment, including formation of areas/sections and conversion of geographical projections
    • Conversion of the meteorological variables provided by the climate model into the required variables
    • Spatial assignment and calculation of the required temporal resolution
    • Different methods of data filtering
    • Calculation of statistical parameters such as annual cycle, climate signal, etc.
    • Determination of objects (e.g. areas exceeding a defined threshold for one/many meteorological quantities)
  • Provision of future time series of meteorological variables for typical weather periods (e.g. vegetation period, year)
  • Provision of climate projection data in any format such as:
    • GIS-compatible formats e.g. GeoJSON
    • Data format according to Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
    • CSV
    • ASCII
    • XML
    • User-defined

With all our technical services, we always keep an eye on the professional correctness of the data!

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